Weekly Service Includes

• Vacuum and brush pool and spa
• Skim surface; remove leaves and other debris
• Clean tiles with soap
• Empty skimmer and pump baskets
• Test pool water for chlorine and PH levels each visit, and add necessary chemicals
• Backwash filters as needed
• Laboratory water analysis every 6 months, or as needed (This procedure detects chemicals and minerals which inhibit the effectiveness of pool sanitizers, cause eye irritation, stains, scaling, and corrosion to the pool or spa and their equipment.)
• Check for proper operation of equipment – will advise on preventative maintenance procedures and make minor adjustments to the equipment.
• We furnish only liquid chlorine, liquid acid, and diatomaceous earth for the regular operation and maintenance of the pool.
• 24 – hour emergency contact 714-337-9878

Repairs and Installations

We can service, repair, or install any pool equipment on the market. With years of experience we can also recommend quality products that we have found to be reliable and long-lasting.

Before the Acid Wash

After the Acid Wash